Sunday, June 10, 2007

You Won't Die

We just returned from Miss Anne's pool. We had a wonderful time. As ever, Margaret made a new best friend. Her name was Gwynneth and she was Margaret's age. She also had gold hoops dangling from her ears, and was about a head taller. Margaret was sitting on the side of the pool and this little girl plopped herself next to her. They began chatting, and Margaret discovered this little girl didn't know how to swim. So Meggy announces "I can teach you!!" So, for the next two hours Meggy watched this little girl swim, and gave her instruction. First in the 3 foot, then in the 5 1/2 foot. By the time the pool closed, this little girl was jumping off the diving board. Miss Anne asked Gwynneth what Meggy did to teach her. Gwynneth answered, "She told me, 'You won't die.'" Ella and Meggy decided they were going to start a swimming lesson class next time they go to the pool. They'll make a sign too. We decided her sales pitch will be: "You won't die."

As we were beginning to leave, LMark walked out before we were all ready to leave. When he discovered I didn't want him to, he took off. So, of course, I had to run (fortunately I was already in my street clothes--what a sight it would have been otherwise) to catch him. He got a couple pops on the rear end he won't soon forget.