Monday, July 9, 2007

Back from Greenville

We're back from Greenville, and only a little sunburned for the wear. We had a lot of fun boating, swimming, and eating; eating, swimming, and boating. Little Mark & Blakely both went out on the innertube with me and had a marvelous time. LMark almost fell asleep, until we hit the wakes of another passing boat and began bouncing like crazy. We couldn't go slow or we would have dragged at an uncomfortable angle, so the speed kept us horizontal.

My parents came up on Sunday after they went to church. Jennifer, knowing that I was missing church to be in Greenville, offered to take me to what she calls her "U2 church". She terms it so because the first time she went there they played a U2 song as part of the worship music. It reminds me of my Catholic upbringing at Queen of Apostles in Dayton, Ohio, where they were on the cutting edge of Vatican II. To show how well they embraced the reforms the church was making they sang Barry Manilow's song, "Daybreak" as their worship music. I also remember the jaunty tune we would sing with the creed.