Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Night

Well, tonight is the night. The final HP book comes out. Rose is at Nell's house drinking butterbeer and making predictions about the next book. I am so grateful that I was influenced to read these books by someone whose taste I trust. I am grateful that I didn't dismiss them because I sometimes like listening to Christian radio. I think now that there has been so much talk among the Christian talkers about the fact that the plot of these books might be Christian that they've come out with a new tactic: Why read Harry Potter when you can read C.S. Lewis or Tolkien--or the Bible?

I remember talking to my mom about HP a couple books ago. I mentioned the blatant Christian symbolism--the phoenix, the stag, etc (all pointed out by my husband and John Granger--I wouldn't have gotten much of it on my own). I suggested that she (and no doubt many of the casual readers of modern fiction) will shamelessly read books filled with cuss words, sex scenes, and brutality, but will recoil when a fictional teenager wields a wand and recites a Latin derivation which sounds magical. It seems almost too made-to-order: like the WWJD bracelets and the fish bumperstickers, and all of the other various consumerist evangelical plastic muck that they have to put on their car, refrigerator or wrist to prove to everyone that they are Christians.

Ella & Margaret were sick all early yesterday morning: from about 3 AM to 6 AM. Fortunately I was already awake around 2 AM when the boys came into our bedroom to visit. Mark once caught Max sneaking into our bedroom so comically that he couldn't help but allow him to stay. Since then Max hasn't been so secretive.

The other day I was getting Margaret and Ella into the car for a trip to WalMart. Ella was talking about her shoes; Margaret was talking about her hair, and discovered a green barette in the seat. She began to fiddle with her hair, trying to get the barette into it. Ella, always the surrogate mother, says "Margaret, buckle up first. Remember: safety before fabulous!" Truly, it is encouraging to a mother to know that her children know the important things in life.