Thursday, August 2, 2007

Farmers Market

My mother and I took all the children to the State Farmers Market today. This is an outdoor market where farmers drive their pickups, small trailer trucks and other vehicles filled with vegetables to sell their produce. The children seemed to enjoy themselves, especially when we entered the area where they sell watermelons & canteloupes. I've never seen so many watermelons in my life. They were piled in every way possible to keep them in the beds of the pickups. There was a gutted schoolbus loaded to the roof with watermelons, but there was no glass in the windows. I can't imagine how they kept them in the bus while they were driving.

I bought a huge box of Roma tomatoes for $6, which was a bargain even at the Farmers Market. We got some boiled peanuts, corn, a seedless watermelon, and a big basket of peaches.

When we got home my mother and I blanched and peeled the tomatoes and the peaches to freeze them. Max accidentally pushed the watermelon off the counter, so it split and splashed all over the kitchen floor. Time to mop again.