Saturday, August 25, 2007

A Journey Into My Brain

Today I cleaned the rugs at the church and thought about substitutionary love. I asked my husband about sustitutionary love and apparently it's representational love that I should have been thinking about. It wasn't a big adjustment to switch from thinking about one to thinking aobut the other.So I started thinking about representational love instead.

Then I took the kids to Sandy's for a hot dog for lunch. After that we scraped wax from the floor and used the shop vac to clean it all up. After that I took them to Zesto's for a chocolate dipped ice cream cone because they had been so good all day.

I had a Space Balls moment today as I was cleaning out shop vac filter #1 with shop vac #2. Then I cleaned out shop vac filter #2 with shop vac #1. It didn't take long to think about this as being symbolic of my life. But I don't feel like thinking about that right now.