Sunday, August 5, 2007

Rearranging & RePollyana

Yesterday I rearranged the girls' room. I turned their bunk bed into two twin beds, and moved things around, moved some furniture out, and organized and purged some of their junk. I try to do that every time we add more inventory (like the wooden hamburger and fries). Margaret received a chair as a gift from my parents. It's bright pink, shaped like a circle, and quite comfortable. Since adding it to the room, and moving around the beds it has really opened up the room, surprisingly. I wasn't sure what to expect since logic told me that the room would feel more crowded.

I just started reading Pollyanna to the girls. When I read it to Rose about 8 years ago, I blubbered and bit my lip throughout the book. For some reason I was embarrassed that she see me cry when I read a book. Recently when I read Boxcar Children to the kids they stared at me like I was a freak when my voice would falter, or tears would run down my face. Pollyanna should be fun, especially since I'm not as sensitive to that stuff any more, and Pollyanna is ridiculously sentimental.
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