Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Rock

A memorable quotation from Meggy today: "Max stop licking the door!"

Another one from Max: "Mom, why are girls so wiggly?"

Yesterday, Hadley, Max, Meggy, Ella & I went to "the rock." This is an unusual rock formation at the end of our property. It's almost like a chunk of the North Carolina Mountains stuck in our back yard. We call it a rock, but this is really an understatement. It appears to be of the same geological properties as
Peachtree Rock , but it's much, much bigger. It juts out of the ground about twenty feet high, and cuts out at a 45 degree angle from the ground. There is a cave about 15 feet deep and there are paths running over and under the rock as if it were a state park.

Unfortunately it most emphatically is not. There are countless dirty words spray-painted on the face of it. Which is a pity because it is such a naturally beautiful place. Since I don't bring the kids back there very often, they were enchanted with trying to sound out all the letters. Margaret, who thought this was a prehistoric site, said: "The caveman's name was JOHN! See? JOHN!" I thought they would just leave the words alone, but they didn't. Thinking themselves amateur archaeologists, they were sounding out words all over the place. It got to be embarrassing for me, so I just said: "Turn around and don't read them; they're naughty and bad words that you don't want to see." They obeyed, but what do you say when your kids think that cavemen using filthy language?

Upon first arriving at the rock, we discovered weird blue opalescent balls everywhere. I couldn't imagine what they were. I thought of everything from drugs to bioterrorism. They definitely weren't natural (even though it is muscadine season here and the muscadines are big and purple (it's Transfiguration weekend by the way)) and when you squashed them they left a yellow goo. It only just occured to me that they are probably paint balls, although until yesterday I had never seen a paint ball in my life. It looks like they might hurt.