Saturday, September 8, 2007

In the Balance

I made prosphora today. I still don't like doing it. Having started at 7AM, I thought that I might actually have them all cut by lunchtime and be done baking by 3:00. So I didn't finish till an hour and a half ago. Not a big deal. It indeed would have been something to finish earlier with all the kids around and Mark home too. But I made a triple recipe to get us through October, litya to get us to the end of the year, and commemorative loaves for a few weeks at least.

Carolina is playing Georgia and has a significant lead right now. By the time I finish this post, however, they might have lost. They don't have a very good track record of keeping the leads they get in the first half--especially when they're playing a team like Georgia.

I re-covered Quartus' four-legged stool that he sits on in the choir at church. The seat was splattered with paint. It wasn't that bad because it was hidden behind the choir stand, but I decided I would re-cover it anyway. I hope he doesn't mind; the paint didn't come off with Oops. I probably should have used brush cleaner, but it was easier to re-cover it.

I took Rose and the kids to Target today (left LMark at home with Papa to nap). Rose had to get a present for Carley's birthday party tonight. I had a irrepressible urge to visit the shoe department. In my youth shoes weren't that big of a draw for me, but they are now.

In order to allow Mark more quiet time without the kids, I decided to take them to the high school parking lot to ride bikes. Margaret is the best bike-rider right now, but she had a pretty bad spill today and scraped up her elbow. But it is entirely characteristic of Margaret to recover pretty quickly if having fun hangs in the balance.

Mark is at Nell & Josh's house watching the game with some other friends, and our visiting Siberian friend, Polina. She's passing through town on her way from Siberia to Oregon for school. I hope we can find someone to marry her who lives here. I have always liked her very much.

I'm hesitant to sign-off of this post because Carolina is still winning--but they've lost their big lead. It's only a four point lead now, and 1:27 minutes left. Plenty of time for Carolina to lose. I'm sure if they do lose I'll hear about how I jinxed the game because of my bad attitude.


...what do you know...we won. How about that? Woohoo!
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