Saturday, September 15, 2007

Playing in the Gutter

Last night we had an unusual storm here. There was a downpour of Southern proportions, but not a bit of lightning or thunder. Because this was such an unusual thing I took the Meggy, Max, & Little Mark onto the front porch to watch it. We rarely get the opportunity to appreciate a good rain outside because of the lightning. Once Ella & I walked onto our porch for just a second to move something and were zapped when lightning struck something across the street and charged the air. It made me very careful of exposing myself or the children to thunderstorms.

It was different last night. It rained steadily for 20 minutes and we watched it from the porch. Then Mark & I took the kids down to the gutter in front of our house where water was pouring like crazy from up the hill. We had a good time putting bark and flowers into the water and watching them disappear down the storm drain.

When I was a kid we played in the gutter all the time because we lived at the bottom of a hill. We also made necklaces of clover and popped bubbles made in the tar on the road. That was fun.

Simple pleasures.