Monday, October 29, 2007

Aahhh Baahh! Otche Nash!

Aahhh! Baahh! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Ben! Aaaaaaaa! Ging! Gum! Gum!

This is Little Mark singing the Lord's Prayer at full volume last night at our dinner table. It gets better, but I don't want to try to transliterate. He communicates pretty well for a 2 1/2 year old, but avoids or mumbles words that require the use of his tongue.

I've been trying to learn the Otche Nash (the Lord's Prayer) in Slavonic, but I get stuck around the "lead us not into temptation" part. If I'm standing behind a native speaker at church, I just hum along. If I am not, I belt it out as if I know it all. I probably sound a lot like my two year-old.

Katerina, Svetlana's mother, doesn't know any English, but learned one phrase: "I love you." It sounds like "Aloff you." It is very sweet. So I learned, in return, "Ya tee bya loobloo."

Sometimes I get ambitious. This summer I bought a book at our local school supply store called, The First Thousand Words in Russian. I thought it would be an easy task to write out the words and stick them on various objects around the house. I haven't done it yet, but it's on my list called, The First Thousand Things I Need to Do to Improve Myself. I plan to start on this list after I complete my other list I call, The First Thousand Things I Need to Do This Week.

The first thing on the list is, make the list. It'll help me be more organized. But first I need to finish supper.