Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Boss's Day

This morning Mark told me it is Boss's Day. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be Bosses' Day, or Bosses Day or Boss's Day. I think the last one is probably it, since presumably you only get a card for one boss on Boss's Day (singular possessive), as opposed to every executive over you (which would require a plural or a plural possessive--not to mention a few more cards).

Anyway, the Homily in the Prologue was fitting for the day. St Nikolai is writing about Psalm 2:11: "Serve the Lord with Fear and rejoice in Him with trembling":

The prophet of God speaks these words to earthly kings and judges, for they are inclined to pride and lasciviousness born out of the power and riches that are given to them. O you kings and judges--clods of dust beneath the feet of God--do not forget that you are only the servants of God, hirelings from today until tomorrow! Of what does a hireling think, digging in the field all day? About the pay that he will receive in the evening. Of what is the hireling proud? Not of his labor, but rather his pay. In what does the hireling rejoice? In his labor, his sweat, or his pay? Naturally, in his pay. O kings and judges, your service in the field of this life is the labor of a hireling. Therefore, with fear serve your Lord, who hired you: for you know not how your Lord will evaluate your labor in the end, or what pay He will render unto you.