Saturday, December 29, 2007

Notes from the Past

Today as I put away some cookie tubs, I included a note to "Future Mama" from "Past Mama."

The note was as follows: Dear Future-Mama: Wash these cookie tubs before you use them in 2008 because the kids were putting Play Dough in them. I didn't feel like washing them again before putting them away for the year. I hope all is well. Regards, Past-Mama (12/29/2007).

This made me think of the parable of the man who planned to build barns, then eat, drink & be merry the day before his soul was required of him. In my case I made plans for next Christmas. My goal was not to relax or to be particularly merry. My desire was, rather, entirely charitable. Future mama needs to know she must thoroughly wash (not just rinse) the seemingly clean cookie tubs lest she corrupt her Christmas cookies with a subtle taste of Play Dough.

"Matushka's date balls are usually delicious, but this year they tasted like play dough." "No kidding! I usually love her coconut macaroons, but this year they tasted like play dough."

Actually, I don't know a single person who wouldn't eat every one of my cookies with good humor, despite the added flavor of salt, flour and red #40.

Which is why I pray for a long life, yet make provisions for the future out of kindness and charity.
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