Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sparkly Tears

Yesterday we went to our homeschool Girl Scout meeting. We were right on time, but I had forgotten that there was supposed to be the mother-daughter Christmas tea. The girls and I were brushed and clean, so I wasn't worried on that front, but it meant I couldn't run errands.

Just as we were getting out Margaret says, "I forgot my shoes." Usually this happens in the summer because they run around without shoes everywhere, but rarely in mid-December. But the weather is unseasonably warm (high 70s this week). So we had to go home and get them. I couldn't send Ella into the mother-daughter tea without her mother, so she came home with us.

One of the girl scouts has dairy, egg, and tea allergy, so her mother made the food and arranged for us to have non-dairy cakes and non-dairy hot cocoa. One cake was choclate and the other was pink. It was moist and yummy. I need to get the recipe.

We made Christmas ornaments of hollow glass balls and glitter paint. We put the paint inside the balls, rolled them around, and then put them in a dixie cup to drain. They're very pretty, and each one of them is unique. Ella made one that looks like the planet earth.

We had to wait till we got home to put the top on with the ribbon. Ella was putting hers on, but wasn't pleased with the way it was working so she popped it out again. The paint was still wet, so when she popped it, a glob of glitter paint flew directly into my eye.

I took out my contacts and glitter was floating in the saline. I wiped my eyes and glitter was all over my fingers and face. I still have glitter in my tears this morning. I have had plenty of things get into my eyes, from bugs to hot pepper flakes, but I think glitter paint hurt the most.
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