Saturday, January 12, 2008

It's going to be Fred

I can't tell if I am a very political person. I love Rush, and I have issues that are important to me, but I never march or carry signs. I don't have any bumper stickers on my car, except for a two-inch Orthodox cross.

But I vote, and this time it's going to be for Fred.

I liked Huckabee for about a week after I saw the Chuck Norris commercial. Then he made a joke about "sleeping at a Holiday Inn" when he was asked about national security that I thought was a little flippant. I started looking at his record, and paying attention to him and decided I didn't really like him after all.

I thought I liked Romney, and I do believe that a person can have a "Road to Damascus" conversion about political issues--I know I did. But recently I found out he was being accused of "flip-flopping" even when he was trying to assure everyone he was a pro-choice candidate. It just leaves a person wondering.

Because of the way issues can be spun one way or the other, it's not easy to whittle down every vote and every issue as to who is the most conservative candidate among the Republicans.

For me, the predominant issue is abortion. I ran across an excellent article several months ago about how pro-lifers are winning the war, not by changing any laws, but by changing people's hearts. If this is really the case, then it seems to me that a candidate has be consistent if he is going to make an impact on a person's heart, much less the laws.

So, since South Carolina gets to make an early vote, I thought it was time for me to decide. And for me it will be Fred.

My secular positions don't make much impact, which, for my neighbors, might be a good thing since I have strong opinions about parking and lawn maintenance. I also doubt my insignificant blog can make an impact, but I thought I would at least put up a few links, a widget, and increase my font size.

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