Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Long Distance Affair

I heard a funny story yesterday while we were doing house-blessings in Charleston. Because there are so many people involved, I thought I shouldn’t put up all their names. Most of the names are Orthodox anyway and it might be harder to keep up with them than if I just put up the initials.

O told me the story of her morning, which began and 8 AM and ended around 11 AM.

Cast of Characters:

M: D’s father
C: D’s brother
N: C’s wife
O: N’s sister
R: D’s girlfriend
L: D's Mother

O’s Mother
R’s Mother

D is a young American studying in Russia. He is visiting Moscow and staying with O’s mother. O’s mother needed to get some groceries so she left D at the apartment while she went out. D locked the door and took a nap.

When O’s mother returned she found herself locked out and unable to wake the American inside. She knocked, rang, and called the home phone, but to no avail.

Desperate, she called O in Charleston, SC, to see if she knew D’s cell phone number. O did not. O told her mother she would make a few calls.

O first called D’s father, M, also in Charleston, SC, but there was no answer. Then she called her sister, N, in Connecticut, so she could ask her husband, C, if he knew it. C had already left for work, so N called C. C didn’t have it, but he thought D's mother L would have it. L didn't know it but L knew the phone number of the home D stays at in D.C. C called there and spoke to woman of the house, D’s girlfriend’s mother. She didn’t know it, but her daughter, R, did. R’s mother called R and asked for D’s cell phone. R gave it to her. R’s mother called D.

D woke up.

D unlocked the door.

True story.

(I can only be grateful that no one had the same first initial, otherwise this would have been an impossible tale to tell)