Saturday, March 29, 2008

Random Tales

We have been out of Band Aids for a several days. When we went to WalMart Saturday I told Ella to remind me to get them. She forgot and I forgot. Not long after we returned she triumphantly handed me a Band Aid she found in the freezer. I told her I forgot to look there. It was a bit of a letdown that no one had a cut or something. However, in our house, one needn't wait long.

Max has been learning his letter sounds using a DVD I bought recently at Wal Mart. It was recommended to me. I was surprised that it is pretty good. I am able to work with the older kids, while Max and Mark quietly sit and learn something without much effort.

Homeschooling purists might object that the boys are being taught by a television, and not "at home."

Prior to watching the DVD Max never
completely understood the concept of letters having sounds. After an hour of working with Max in his workbook on the letter "F," we would run our fingers on a pathway from the letter F to a picture of a fish: "Fuh Fuh Fuh Fuh Fish!" or to a frog: "Fuh Fuh Fuh Fuh Frog!" and then to a fan: "Fuh Fuh Fuh Fuh Air Conditioner!"

o, today Max and I were talking about the letter D. He gave me a few good D-words. I came up with a few. Then I said, thinking about the word "
Die," and how he and LMark attack everyone in the family with their Nerf-guns: "What do you do when someone shoots you with a gun?" He thought for a minute. As I waited for the answer, I figured the answer was an obvious one and the educational method we used had failed me yet again.

Then he yelled: "

I laughed.

Perhaps he is learning more than I expected.