Saturday, March 8, 2008

Sweet Confidence

Routine on weekends is more free than on weeknights. Tonight I told the girls they could read longer than they usually do. LMark missed his nap because he went with Ella, Meggy & Max to an afternoon birthday party. Consequently he was nodding off like a drunk at 6:30 PM.

Max wanted to cuddle in his bunk bed at bedtime. On special occasions I climb in bed with him, but typically I climb the ladder to talk and snuggle.

After all the nighttime whatnots, I said goodnight and added, “Max, you’re great.”

He replied, “I know.”

“Max, you’re brave.”

“I know.”

"Max, you’re smart."

“I know.”

I kissed him and left.

I started working out nighttime stuff with the girls: clearing Ella’s bed of paper scraps, pencils, and a plastic castle; a light bulb for Margaret. A kiss, a kiss.

Then I thought. What is any of the other stuff worth if he doesn't love Jesus?

I went back in Max’s room.

“Max, Jesus loves you.”

“You too, Mom.”