Monday, December 22, 2008

The Year(s) in Review (Part I)

Here are a few stories and reflections that never made it to this blog:

* * *

Over the past few months it has been enjoyable listening to LMark's language become more intelligible. With all of my children, these seemingly insignificant words or phrases have remained in my memory, while other, arguably more important ones, have been lost forever.

For instance, all of the children have had different words for a napkin. Rose would call a napkin a
napink; for Ella it was packin; for Margaret it was kipkin; Max, gumgink; and for Little Mark, who was too keen to be fooled by this experiment of mine would say words that sounded like, glumgik, pluckin, gunglick, and so on. All the same, it has been a fun experiment.

We used to play a game with Max that mocked is pronunciation of the word,
yellow. I would say, "Max, say yummy." Yummy." "Say Yucky." "Yucky." "Say Unicorn." "Unicorn." "Max, say Yellow."


We all thought it was funny. Max didn't have a clue. Now LMark is our new victim (video coming soon).

LMark also had an odd phrase he used, which we were never able to translate. He would use it as both a verb or a noun, depending on the circumstances, and often in a threatening or insulting manner:
You a yucky bompom!! He never behaved as if he expected us to understand what he was saying--except for the first two words.

Margaret, at his age, came up with a fun little phrase we would often join in and say with her:
Donkey, donkey, donkey whooo!

Try it.

I defy you to find it unenjoyable to say.

This is the end of the first part of my reflections.
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