Monday, March 2, 2009

Hopes and Dreams

Rose's sweet-16 was Friday and Max's 6th birthday was yesterday. It was a good weekend and worked out well with regards to the beginning of Lent and the beginning of the Fast and church and everything. I kissed him goodnight and caressed his face with my hand. I spoke to him sweetly, "Did you have a good birthday, buddy?"

He looked melancholy. I wondered if he was going to complain that we spent all day in church services. "It's just..." He averted his eyes as if he was afraid to tell me something.

"What is it buddy?" I was worried I might have overlooked something or if my stress about other things going on had ruined his day.

"It's just...I wish..." He looked at me, "I just wish...I was...another species."

I couldn't help but smile, but I didn't want to laugh to make him believe I was mocking his one great wish. I was speechless however, especially when he added, " a hamster."