Friday, April 24, 2009

Dear Brethren,

Christ is Risen!

This morning Margaret was burned by hot water that was spilled in her lap. Her burns began to quickly blister and she was in great pain. Margaret was actually transported by ambulance to the Emergency Room of the Children's Hospital of Palmetto Richland in Columbia. In the ambulance she was given morphine for the pain and the initial assessment in the Emergency Room was that the burns were severe. After anointing her with the oil from the lampada of the sepulcher of St John Maximovich and saying the anointing prayers, the surgeon came to see her. At his examination, he determined that the burns were not nearly as bad as first thought (in fact the tiny red blood-spots had completely disappeared) and Margaret was able to be discharged from the hospital in the early afternoon. She has to have a specially dressing on her burns for a couple of weeks as well as take special baths once a day.

I am convinced that St John had some part in alleviating her burns and pain. (And this would not be the first time he has interceded on her behalf.) Nevertheless, please keep her and us in your prayers.

With much love in our risen Lord,

Fr Mark