Monday, November 16, 2009

Hand in Hand

Right now I'm working on the two central icons for our iconostasis. From the waist, they are both about the height and width of an average person.

A year ago, as I was working on the Platytera for the altar, people would ask me how large the icon was going to be. I would stretch out my arms with the elbows a little away from my waist (her same pose) and that was how I would describe the width of the image. This is because I would occasionally lay my hands on hers when I would paint. I don't know why, but even when I was working with an incomplete image, it was a powerful feeling.

Last night as I was painting on the icon of Christ, I rested my hand on His hand as I leaned forward to paint something on His shoulder. As I pulled away I looked at my hand. I had curious feeling, similar to what I had with the Platytera, but something more: like I was involved in painting an icon that was already made, but was waiting for me to finish.