Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sticky Stuff

I have to put together a senior ad for Rose's yearbook by tomorrow. From what I have seen, these ads are often sentimentally and spiritually wise letters from parents to their children. One can imagine a parent (like me) hoping a child (like Rose) will return to it for guidance in later years, when her parent has long gone, and when she needs her mother or father most.

Unfortuately I don't do well under pressure--especially when I'm expected to be sentimental or wise about something. I was looking at her baby photos this afternoon, and I couldn't help but feeling the happiest about the ones in which she was covered in food--or half-naked and covered in food. Although my favorite photo of all time is one in which she and her sisters are covered in green crayon--mostly because of the look on Margaret's face.

I'm also having difficulty coming up with something like a "goodbye" letter. Why: 1) It's the middle of the school year 2) she's not gone nor has she figured out where she's going yet and 3) she is trying to extend the "no-nagging" policy from last week, while still taking less than 20 seconds to wipe off the stupid kitchen counters she was told to wipe, and leaving at least 3 square feet of sticky stuff and crumbs all over.

So I went cruising the blog to see if I've written anything particularly sentimental, and I ran across this seasonally appropriate post. I ran across a few more, but nothing makes me feel weepy yet, which is the most fertile soil for sentimental yearbook letters.