Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Massage Boy

Last week I offhandedly talked to the kids about what I envisioned them growing up to be:

Rose: housewife/moderately sized-church matushka/teacher/choir director;

Ella: housewife/CEO of something very important/mega-church matushka/nun;

Meggy: housewife/chef/grocery store manager/matushka;

Max: civil engineer/architect/priest/iconographer-monk;

Mark-o: soldier/priest.

After telling Mark-o my thoughts on his future, his reply was this: "I want to be a 'massage boy' too so I can meet girls."

Even though they were tempted, none of the kids mentioned how this could be problematic if he also wanted to be a priest.

When I asked him this evening about his "massage boy" aspirations, he said he changed it to football player and baseball player. I wonder if his motivation is different from his earlier one--even though the results might be the same.

I just love my kids.
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