Friday, June 17, 2011

Comments On...

I've had this blog for a number of years, beginning it when the kids were younger so I could provide some anecdotes about the kids for my sometimes-absent, ever-busy, full-time librarian/priest (devoted, loving) husband. Since then it's become a place for me to pass the time and sometimes opine. I haven't treated it like I did my diary in my youth, because there are some seriously major events in my life I haven't chronicled. So I don't know what this blog is for, except for me to practice typing and formulating sentences about funny and sometimes profoundly moving moments in my life.

I rarely turn on the comments. Once, when I did, someone made a comment that sounded relevant enough to the post, and attached a link to an Oriental lady dating site. I had to go to the link to find out it wasn't appropriate and obviously rigged.

Ugh and double ugh.

Anyway, out of curiosity, I am turning on the comments, just to see who is here. I feel a little shy about this--like a person walking into a hotel ballroom which could either be full of friends, or totally empty.

I might turn them off tomorrow.
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