Friday, August 19, 2011

Fr Mark and The Dove

My husband was interviewed yesterday by a Christian radio station in Oregon. I think he did a wonderful job. He's a great public speaker about the Faith, but even better in a Q&A context with a sincere questioner.

This writeup is from the website of our Eastern American Diocese in English and Russian. Here's a link to the introduction to St Athanasius' On the Incarnation by C. S. Lewis which my husband mentions in the interview.

August 20, 2011
Columbia, SC: Priest Mark Mancuso gave an interview to The Dove radio show about the significance of the Transfiguration in the Orthodox Church

On Friday, August 19th, on the Great Feast of the Transfiguration of our Lord, Priest Mark Mancuso (rector of St. Elizabeth the New Martyr Church in Columbia, SC) gave an interview to Steve Johnson on The Dove radio show about the significance of the Transfiguration. In this fascinating interview, Fr. Mark explains to a Protestant audience how the Orthodox Church celebrates the feast of the Transfiguration, and how this important biblical event foreshadows our own Resurrection. Fr. Mark also gave the listeners some critical insight into the teachings of the Holy Fathers and recommended they read the writings of St. John Chrysostom and St. Athanasius the Great. Click here to listen to the full interview (23 min.).

Media Office of the Eastern American Diocese

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