Thursday, September 6, 2012

Miracles took place and feats of confession of the Christian faith were enacted. The children of the present Head of Northern Ossetia, Taymuraz Mamsurov, were among the hostages in Beslan. When the terrorists offered to free them, he said: ‘Either all of them or else none of them’. They say that his son found a ring with the Slavonic inscription, ‘Most Holy Mother of God, save us!’ He did not understand what it was and thought it was written in Arabic. He said to one of the terrorists: ‘This is yours’. He looked at it and said’ ‘No, it’s yours, keep it’. The boy took the ring and walked out of the blazing school with it.

People were killed just because they refused to take off their neck cross. We know of one case where a terrorist went up to a woman and said, ‘Take the cross off’. She was a believer and said, ‘No’. He shot her through the hands and then though the feet and said, ‘Here are the wounds of your Christ’. And the woman and her daughter survived, even though they were seriously wounded.
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Beslan Today – A Photographic Record
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