Monday, July 30, 2007

Barbeque Again

This year was our church's fifth? sixth? annual barbeque. Every year but one we have done better than we had the year before. If I recall, the only reason we did poorly on that one is because we tried to have two barbeques within a few months of each other and we didn't have the overhead paid for. But it seems to be our best fundraiser, and the most fun to participate in for everyone.

There were some little leaguers down the road doing a bbq fundraiser too. The little boys in their uniforms jumping all around and hollering at cars going by must have been difficult to pass up. But they made a fatal mistake in their marketing: someone set up a tent with a big Clemson Tiger paw on each corner. The two times I drove by, they didn't seem to have nearly the number of customers we had. For people in our area, cute kids will make up for a lot, but not a big orange tiger paw.

Max is sick again. He was in our bed last night, afraid of a shadow that his comforter was making on the ceiling. This morning I attributed his lethargy to lack of sleep. But he awoke from a nap this afternoon with a slight fever. I think we'll continue to
blame it on the cousins.

We started our Veritas Press Omnibus today, and I'm very pleased so far. In the preface of our textbook there are a few lines that stood out, and made me like the author immediately:

G.K. Chesterton said somewhere that if a book does not have a wicked character in it, then it is a wicked book. One of the most pernicious errors that has gotten abroad in the Christian community is the error of sentimentalism--the view that evil is to be evaded, rather than the more robust Christian view that evil is to be conquered. The Christian believes that evil is there to be fought, the dragon is there to be slain. The sentimentalist believes that evil is to be resented...A classical Christian school or a home school following the classical Christian curriculum must never be thought of as an asylum. Rather, this is a time of basic training; it is boot camp.

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