Friday, July 13, 2007

Pillow Talk

On Wednesday we ended an era and threw away one of the few things we have left over from our pre-marriage days. It was a queen-size pillow that was part of Mark's man-dowry and which, for the past 15 years of our marriage was being used either by him or one of the children. Out of curiosity I looked up the shelf-life of a pillow. It appears we have been using it about 15 years too long. Pillows should be replaced every one to three years. Mattresses double in weight every 10 years because of all the allergens, dust mites, skin, and miscellaneous gunk our bodies ooze out while we're sleeping. Who knows how much this pillow weighed 15 years ago. So LMark threw up on it the other day and I (I should say "we" since I called Mark for permission) decided to say goodbye.

Because I was so disgusted by the 15 year-old pillow, I decided to get new ones for all the kids (Max didn't need one so he got underwear as a consolation prize). When I began putting the kids to bed last night the little girls began to moan about missing their pillows. Ella's was a nasty foam-thing whose only use should be in a decorative pillow sham. But she loved it and wanted it back. Margaret wouldn't let me take hers, but cried out "Don't take Smelly Smith!" I had heard this name before, but I thought it was a joke. It isn't a joke. She calls her pillow "Smelly Smith", and if you remove the pillow case you can easily see why--I wouldn't suggest smelling it. I think I'll wait a few days till she gets used to her new pillow to send Mr Smith to the dump.

Right now we're watching Christina so Svetozar & Ruta can go see the new Harry Potter movie. Rose and I (maybe Mark instead of me--if something comes up) are going to the 8:45 showing tonight. When I saw the trailer I got chills. I love the books and I like the movies. The only thing I have a problem with is Voldemort's missing nose. I wonder why he doesn't have one. If you are evil and you lose your soul, do you also lose the cartiledge in your nose? I wonder about this because every plot seems to be interconnected and have either symbolic significance or leads to another twist in the story. I'm probably the only person in the world wondering what's up with his nose.

This is a picture of Little Mark driving the refrigerator. He takes my keys, my phone, my sunglasses and my purse and tells me he is going "bye-bye in de car"--which is actually the refrigerator.