Monday, August 20, 2007

The Cookie Mafia

Today I took the kids to our first Girl Scout group meeting of the year. The leader informed me that we aren't allowed to have fundraisers of our own any more unless we sell the cookies and now sell magazine subscriptions and chocolate covered nuts. It seems like a racket after all. It appears GSUSA has to pay cookie, magazine, and chocolate money to keep their high priced lawyers on staff to make sure they write multi-page liability releases so the girls can go step outside:

I/We further understand that applicant may be participating in a "Wilderness Experience" and that the meaning of this term is defined as follows: The pursuit of adventure or activity in a wild, rugged and uncultivated area or region, as of forest and/or hills and/or mountains and/or plains and/or wetlands, which would likely be uninhabited by people and inhabited by wild animals of many types and species to include, but not limited to, mammals, reptiles and insects, which are not tame, may be savage and unpredictable in nature, and also wandering at their will...