Monday, October 22, 2007

Science at Our House

Margaret: "Mom, I think moths and bulls are related."
Mom: "Moths"
Margaret: "Yeah because I was looking at a moth and it looked like a bull."
Mom: "You mean a boy cow...and a moth?"
Margaret: "Yeah."
Mom: "Ok."

Today Rose opened up the science experiment she prepared a few days before she left for England. She collected scum from the bottom of a pond in our neighborhood, and added various ingredients: egg yolk, rice, and hay. The jars sat undisturbed in the back of our pantry until she returned. A few days ago, after reminding her that she needed to complete her experiment, she rifled through the pantry and pulled out a set of disgusting looking jars of grey moldy liquid. She said flippantly, "So that's what has been smelling up the house."

I was shocked. I am always vigilant about trash and diapers and food around the house because I can't smell them when they stay around too long. But I completely missed the rotting science experiment. There were a number of people who came into my house within the past three weeks and were greeted with the stench of pond scum and rotten eggs, rice, and hay. This is utterly mortifying to me.
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