Thursday, October 25, 2007


Mark's mom & step-dad came this afternoon to pick up the boys for the weekend. They left around 1:00. Then around 2:00, Zoe's mom dropped her off to play with the Ella & Meggy. The girls played better today than they have in months. It's probably because there were no distractions from the boys. Zoe doesn't like Max very much (he's a boy), and it's all I can do to keep the girls from rudely excluding him from everything they do--even from toys he might own or games he might instigate. Such is the life of a boy, I suppose.

After Max & LMark left, I heard a really loud noise from outside. Because we live at the very top of a very big hill, helicopters which might happen to be in the area sometimes fly over us at an alarmingly close distance. Once in a while we get military helicopters flying over us in formation, which is really loud, and super-cool for the boys. So, forgetting they were gone, I jumped up, ran to the window, "Helicopter!!" and then out the door to look at it. It wasn't particularly impressive, but for a boy...but there were no boys.

I won't try to minimize the ridiculous impression this made on the teenager, my ever-present critic, who stood smirking as I reentered the house.
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