Thursday, November 29, 2007

High Society

Little Mark spent the day dressed in a t-shirt, shorts, a waistcoat, and a bicycle helmet. He obviously doesn't have his father's fashion sense

Today I took Max, Meggy, Ella & their weekly playmate, Zoe, to a newly constructed park near us to ride their bikes. Max recently began riding without training wheels, and I told him he needed to practice before I take him to the Riverwalk. Because this park is new, and not officially opened by the county, there was no one on the grounds and nothing in the parking lot except seven very large vultures. But the fact that this park isn't technically open doesn't mean people don't go down there regularly to leave their trash and beer bottles in various places. One of the amenities of an "open" park in Lexington County must be the presence of trash cans.

One notable thing my little archaeologists found was a broken wine glass. They were terribly excited, and tried to find all the pieces. Zoe had a basket on her bike so they brought all of the pieces back to the van to bring home with them. I told them absolutely not. So I had to pick about fifty pieces of glass out of the basket. They were ridiculously disappointed and tried to make me feel like I was hampering their education. They had planned to glue it all back together when they got back to the house. Instead they had to be satisfied with "meteoroids" and "space alien eggs" they found buried in the soccer field.

Usually when I take the kids anywhere, and it's time to leave, I ask, "So, did y'all have a good time?" I asked this as I was putting the bikes into the trunk of the van. "Yeh-es!" came from all of the children except one.

Ella's bitter little voice murmured, "It would have been more fun if you had let us play with the broken glass..."
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