Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Yesterday began with a robust and well-fed-looking black cat showing up at our back door while the children were eating breakfast. They were ecstatic, because of the various animals that wander through our woods and into our back yard, few of them stay to visit. I've mentioned one before, and there are occasional rabbits, cats, and dogs. We gave the cat some tuna.

Last summer we had three St Bernards show up and spend the entire afternoon on our front porch. They had the electronic collars on, so they had obviously slipped out of someone's yard. I didn't feel comfortable enough to grab the neck of one and look at his tag. Their heads were enormous and their mouths were nappy, drippy and yucky. Bleh.

Our neighbor across the street was greeted by them as he came home from work. Rose saw this taking place, and perceiving that the neighbor wasn't going to get out of his car until the dogs went away, laid out a brilliant plan. She went outside with a fistful of hotdogs and yelled, "Hot Dogs!"

Not being the kind of person who thinks ahead, Rose wasn't ready for the onslaught of three St Bernards bounding across the street at full speed--each of which weighing more than she does wet. So she dropped the hotdogs and ran inside.

Now there lives across the street a little white Maltese that stares pitifully out the window at us like a creepy stalker. Our neighbor told us that the dog waits until he hears our van to jump on the coffee table and stare out the window. Since the weather is gorgeous right now, their window is open so he barks in a high-pitched bark that I personally wouldn't be able to tolerate. Last week, as I was walking outside I heard barking. I thought that the dog was in the yard. As it turned out, Margaret was barking at him.

She does a good impression.

In SC the weather changes strangely. We'll have freezing temperatures one day, and summer-like days the next. Not a problem, we just keep out a pair of shorts all year-round.

Today I asked Margaret what the weather was like outside. She replied, "Oh...I suppose...it's room temperature."