Sunday, November 11, 2007

I Heart Serbians

Yesterday we went to the Serbian church in Charlotte for their Slava. Bishop Mitrophan was there, as were three local Greek priests, my husband, Fr Alexander, & Fr Dragan. Thirteen of our people went too: MJ, Dusan, Mx, Jn, Rt, Sv, Kr, Mil, Hp, Pr, St, Fr Mark & me.

While somewhat amusing and moderately distracting, it was immensely gratifying to see the children just as active at the Serbian church as they are at ours.

While the bishop was preaching at the end of the liturgy, I watched Dusan with interest. It was curious to see him so moved by what the bishop preached (while not understanding a word of what he said myself). When I asked Dusan today what Bp Mitrophan said that so touched him, he tried to explain, but he admitted what he was conveying was not equal to the bishop's words. In conclusion, one thing he told me was this: "Matushka, if you want to find the heart of the Orthodox Church, you look at the Russians. But if you want to find the strength of the Orthodox Church, you look to the Serbians!"